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My Method... How a CRM system helped Panache Cruises launch
By James Cole - Panache Cruises | October 27, 2022
Panache Cruises adopted a CRM system from TProfile that helped it launch on time with a slick and appealing customer service provision. Read More
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My Method... How a luxury hotel upped its online direct sales game
By Harriet McCarroll - onejourney | September 26, 2022
Influenced by learnings from high-end online retailers, Journey Hospitality's OneJourney has helped The Elms embrace e-commerce principles and more than double its revenue Read More
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My Method: How Welcome Break reduced check-in from four minutes to 45 seconds
By Chris Jones - Guestline | August 22, 2022
Welcome Break Hotels wanted to address the manual, time-consuming and complex check-in and checkout process. Read More
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My Method... How Mapo Tapo drove efficiency for its tours via Easol
By Daniele Calvo Pollino - Mapo Tapo | August 1, 2022
Experience tours provider Mapo Tapo saved time and opened up more options to travelers by switching to Easol's integrated platform. Read More
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News / Distribution
My Method... How RemoteDream used Impala to fast forward its launch
By Joeri Nanov - RemoteDream | July 22, 2022
RemoteDream curates properties targeting digital nomads with the help of Impala's API. Read More
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My Method... How this hotel chain increased paid search return by 80%
By Luc Guilhamon - Equeco | July 18, 2022
 The Mexico-based chain Hoteles City is using a solution from Equeco to find keywords that add efficiency and revenue to its business.   Read More
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Opinion / Technology
My Method... How MacDonald Hotels reaped revenue from chatbot integration
By Tiago Araujo - Hijiffy | July 8, 2022
MacDonald Hotels integration of HiJiffy saw an 80% customer satisfaction rating and a boost in bookings. Read More
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My Method... How Curacity heightened digital marketing revenue for Malibu Beach Inn
By Curacity | June 23, 2022
Utilizing traditional creators - aka publishers - for Malibu Beach Inn, Curacity’s digital media brand partners generated valuable exposure for the property. Read More
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News / Online
My Method... How Visit Brazil increased U.S. bookings by nearly $6M
By Silvio Nascimento - Embratur | June 13, 2022
With visas no longer required for visitors from the U.S., Brazil planned a campaign to encourage Americans to visit.   Read More
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My Method... How Vrbo used videos to increase its search visibility
By Shawn Massie - Pacific | April 13, 2022
Vrbo raised its rank and visibility on YouTube and Google using SEO-friendly videos created from its destination guides. Read More
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My Method... How to counter travel lulls with interactive video
By Matt Keating - | February 23, 2022
Switzerland Tourism used an omnichannel video campaign to position the country as a premier tourism destination.   Read More
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News / Technology
My Method... A tale of two zoos and conversational technology
By Don White - Satisfi Labs | November 9, 2021
Travelers have put the spotlight on the trip planning process during the pandemic and providing reassurance to tourists has led to the implementation of new technologies.  Read More
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Opinion / Technology
My Method… How this airport uses queue management technology
By Meghan Hussey - Xovis | August 18, 2021
This Michigan airport is using a system that notifies stakeholders if wait times exceed 25 minutes and if the queue has hit capacity.  Read More
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My Method... How Getaway used email marketing to boost metrics across the board
By Will Crocker Hay - Braze | July 27, 2021
With the travel industry in recovery mode, businesses are driving growth by investing in customer engagement. Read More
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My Method... How the Setai hotel used tech to transform the guest arrival experience
By David Mezuman - Duve | June 9, 2021
Working with Duve, The Setai, Sea of Galilee, is using digital communication solutions to streamline the check-in process for guests. Read More