Maternity Photos

I must admit, when I first started searching for a photographer for maternity photos, I felt a little silly.  Most people get maternity photos with their significant other and since Bobby was (and still is) in South Korea, I was worried I’d look a little silly having them taken by myself.  After thinking about it for a while and even posing the question to the photographer, I realized these were keepsakes I wanted to have for years to come.  What if I forget what I looked like pregnant or what if I never have another child? I also figured it would be pretty cool to show Stella what she looked like in mom’s belly.  So, I got over my insecurities about feeling a little strange, about feeling really swollen and big and decided to do it anyway. And turns out, I’m so glad I did. :)  Thanks again to Meredith Dickens for the photographs. These were taken at 34 weeks and I gave birth to Stella at 38 weeks and 5 days…. [Read More]

Stella Wren’s Birth Story

Baby girl finally made it into the world!

Stella Wren Flammia was born on June 22, 2015 at 2:37am.  I can’t believe she is finally here and we are now a family of three.  I think it was difficult for me to imagine what having a baby would be like on a day to day basis and it has certainly been a fun adventure so far trying to figure out a routine, all the baby cues she tries to give us and our strengths and weaknesses as a family…. [Read More]

Getting Ready for Baby – 30 Weeks

"Well Nested" crib bedding

I have reached the 30 week point of my pregnancy (7.5 months for you non-baby speakers out there) and that means I’m officially 3/4 of the way there.  Or, at least theoretically. :)  30 weeks means that I’m now seeing my OB every two weeks, so I’m gearing up to leave Seattle and move back to Kentucky for the remainder of my pregnancy.  30 weeks also means that baby girl is almost 3 whole pounds and the size of a large cabbage.  She is routinely opening and closing her eyes, has distinct sleep and wake cycles and some scientists believe she can even dream at this point.  How awesome is that?  The baby’s lungs and digestive tract are almost completely developed, although her sight is still pretty rudimentary.  I can feel her punching and kicking, flipping and flopping every day, which is an amazing feeling…. [Read More]