Toytown: A Day in Munich

Next stop: Munich!  I read that Munich’s nickname was Toytown, which I immediately associated with cars (I’m not sure why, other than the fact that we visited the BMW museum).  Apparently, ex-pats gave Munich the name because of the large number of children in the city.  I can’t say I saw an exorbitant number of kids running around, but I’ll take their word for it. We didn’t have much time in this beautiful city, but we did get to see lots of cars (Bobby is somewhat of a car-nut), visit the 1972 Olympic Park, and take the short trip to Dachau to tour the Nazi concentration camp (this will be in my next blog).  Munich did prove to be beautiful, even though we didn’t see a lot of the actual city center.  We were very thankful for the first sunny weather of the entire Christmas trip!… [Read More]

Where it all [or, at least most of it] began……Athens – Part One

Changing of the guard - marching back to get in line after the switch

Athens is considered one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history of over 3400 years.  It is where some of the first temples were built and where the first Olympic Games were held.  However, we are visiting Athens at a very interesting time; new history is about to be made.  Greece held national elections today and we just read that the Conservative Party won, which means that Greece will most likely be staying in the Euro Zone and the Greek people will suffer from the stiff austerity measures.  We are not sure if tomorrow will bring another peaceful day or a day of riots (like those of a month ago).  As for now, we are executing our duties as tourists and seeing the sites around this ancient city…. [Read More]