Maternity Photos

I must admit, when I first started searching for a photographer for maternity photos, I felt a little silly.  Most people get maternity photos with their significant other and since Bobby was (and still is) in South Korea, I was worried I’d look a little silly having them taken by myself.  After thinking about it for a while and even posing the question to the photographer, I realized these were keepsakes I wanted to have for years to come.  What if I forget what I looked like pregnant or what if I never have another child? I also figured it would be pretty cool to show Stella what she looked like in mom’s belly.  So, I got over my insecurities about feeling a little strange, about feeling really swollen and big and decided to do it anyway. And turns out, I’m so glad I did. :)  Thanks again to Meredith Dickens for the photographs. These were taken at 34 weeks and I gave birth to Stella at 38 weeks and 5 days…. [Read More]