Getting Ready for Baby – 30 Weeks

I have reached the 30 week point of my pregnancy (7.5 months for you non-baby speakers out there) and that means I’m officially 3/4 of the way there.  Or, at least theoretically. :)  30 weeks means that I’m now seeing my OB every two weeks, so I’m gearing up to leave Seattle and move back to Kentucky for the remainder of my pregnancy.  30 weeks also means that baby girl is almost 3 whole pounds and the size of a large cabbage.  She is routinely opening and closing her eyes, has distinct sleep and wake cycles and some scientists believe she can even dream at this point.  How awesome is that?  The baby’s lungs and digestive tract are almost completely developed, although her sight is still pretty rudimentary.  I can feel her punching and kicking, flipping and flopping every day, which is an amazing feeling.

I know I haven’t written much about my pregnancy, but now that I’m into my 3rd trimester, it’s feeling a little more “real,” so I thought I’d write down some thoughts and share some photos of Shrimpette and her nursery.

This week I had the opportunity to get a 3D/4D ultrasound done, which means I got to see what her sweet face will (probably) look like and saw video of her swimming around in the womb.  This was actually the third attempt at this specialized ultrasound.  The first time, at about 28 weeks, she was completely facing my spine and at 29 weeks, I only got to see her profile because of her positioning.  This time, however, she was a little more cooperative (when she wasn’t shielding herself with her hands!).  Maybe this means she’ll be shy?!  I’m not sure where she’d get that from though……

I'm laughing (or at least grimacing)

I’m laughing (or at least grimacing)

See my nose and lips?

See my nose and lips?

Perhaps my favorite shot

I’m thinking and exhausted from all the prodding (this is my favorite shot!)

I'm pretty sure she inherited her momma's chunky cheeks....

I think I inherited my momma’s cheeks…. :)

30 weeks going on 14 years old....uh oh.

I really wish you’d quit taking my photo.  Mom’s obviously a loser.

Of course, the only thing that would have made this moment sweeter was having Bobby there to share it with me.  Luckily though, my mom was able to attend the appointment with me and of course, we couldn’t get over how large and in charge her cheeks are.  Since she’s still tiny, I’m hoping the rest of her body will fill out/balance her out with the added pounds.  We will see!

Since I’m going back to Kentucky, I wanted to finish up the nursery before I left.  We will be coming back in late summer, so I figured it’d be really nice to have everything already ready to go upon our return. The nursery was like a labor of love for me.  I spent a lot of time looking online, Pinteresting and figuring out a look that would be sweet and comfy for our little one to grow in.  I decided to go with a pale pink and blue scheme with gold highlights.  I really fell in love with this look below, so I ran with it.


Color inspiration

The nursery ended up being a little more blue than green (Bobby preferred blue over mint) and a little more pink than peach (did you know it’s incredibly hard to find something other than pink for little girls?).  I painted the room with “Icy Moon Drops” paint by Behr.  I did a lot of research on cribs and wanted to get something that a) had a high safety rating b) didn’t break the bank, especially since we move so often and c) wasn’t gender specific so we could hopefully reuse it again in the future.  I decided on the “Babyletto 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with with Toddler Rail” from Target and went with the “Well Nested Organic” pale pink and neutral bedding from The Land of Nod.  The gold confetti curtains are also from The Land of Nod.  For wall art, I found these adorable watercolor animal prints (mine are slightly different) on Etsy from the Billy and Scarlet shop.

Panoramas of baby girl's room

Panoramas of baby girl’s room

Baby girl's room

Baby girl’s room

"Well Nested" crib bedding

“Well Nested” crib bedding, blanket and sheep – all from The Land of Nod

Lastly, I had two DIY projects I wanted to complete to personalize the room a bit.  First, I decided to take an old tv/entertainment cabinet that we hadn’t used in about 5 years and convert it into a changing station.  I found this tutorial on how to paint pressed particle board and changed it from a dark wood to white.  It turned into a bit more of a project than I had originally planned, but overall, I’m happy with how it came out.  I changed the hardware to these lovely “Crystal Octagon Knobs” (in pink) from Anthropologie and voilà!

Tv cabinet turned changing station

TV cabinet turned changing station

The changing pad fits perfectly!

The changing pad fits perfectly with plenty of room for diapers, wipes, etc. below

I found many mobiles on Etsy that I thought were incredibly cute, but due to the cost and shipping, I decided to create one of my own.  I ordered some 2cm felt balls in “cotton candy” and “dusty white” from The Felt Pod Etsy shop, collected a couple pieces of driftwood from Alki Beach and bought some jewelry beads and thick thread from a local craft shop.  The assembly was rather easy (I just threaded the felt balls on the string with a needle) and everything stayed in place really well.

My DIY driftwood and felt ball mobile

My DIY driftwood and felt ball mobile

I’m currently waiting on one last element for the wall – a beautiful bunny – but for some reason, it’s been delayed in the mail.  I think she is so cute and although I haven’t seen her yet, I would like to recommend “The Swanky Egg” Etsy shop for some unique and whimsical handcrafted art pieces.  Here’s the link to the one-of-a-kind bunny I ordered.  :)

We are so excited to meet Shrimpette in just a few short weeks and I think I can speak for Bobby in saying that we are nervous, overwhelmed and filled with so much anticipation it’s hard to wait.


  1. We were in the process of returning to the states in my third trimester. Marie’s nursery has wound up growing organically. There are several shades of pink and a light blue and teal. My rooms growing up were always blue! Even though it’s not completely finished and it’s nothing like I imagined I love how it’s turning out. If only I’d bought a few extra yards of the bird fabric..!