Flying South

After almost two weeks of some pretty darn cold weather, we were excited to be heading south to (hopefully) some warmer weather.  That didn’t actually work out, but we loved our last stops nevertheless.  We made a pit stop in Luxembourg and it actually snowed overnight, which made it pretty difficult to venture out and site-see.  We did head over to the American WWII Cemetery though and the snow made it even more beautiful.  After that, we made it to Strasbourg, France and got to spend some time with another Olmsted Scholar, Maureen Tanner (OSC ’12), her husband, and lovely little daughter.

View of Luxembourg City (before the snow!)

The American Cemetery in Luxembourg was our third WWII memorial site we have had the honor to visit in Europe (first Florence, then Normandy, and now here).  This one is pretty special though because it is the burial site of General Patton, two Medal of Honor winners, and several members of the famed “Easy” Company from the Band of Brothers.  In all, the cemetery is the final resting place for 5,076 of our fallen military members, many of whom lost their lives in the Battle of the Bulge and in the advance to the Rhine River during WWII.

Entering the gates

Memorial Chapel


371 inscribed names of the missing

Stone battle map

Another battle map

General Patton actually died in California after the war, but requested that he be buried along his men in Luxembourg.  I thought that was pretty awesome.

General Patton’s grave

Medal of Honor Winner

Medal of Honor Winner

Strasbourg is an absolutely beautiful town.  We had the pleasure of getting a first-hand tour from the Tanners, spent a wonderful evening with friends, and even got to sample some local treats.

Gigantic cathedral

Check out the details!

Inside the cathedral

Great view

Hanging out by the river

Academy classmates and fellow Olmsted Scholars

Love the colors

Strasbourg spice bread in many varieties