Devil’s Bridge Day Hike – Sedona

A couple weeks ago, Bobby and I wanted to get out of town for the day, so we headed just up the road to Sedona.  We’ve made this north-bound trek several times in the past few months, and we always see these beautiful balloons flying over the valley.  They certainly chose a gorgeous morning to take a ride.


One day I want to take a balloon ride

Sedona is famous for its red rock sandstone formations and draws people from all over for popular outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and rock climbing.  We hiked to the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona in 2009, but we wanted to take a different route this time around.  After doing some online research, we chose to take the Devil’s Bridge Trail.  Although it is supposed to only be about a 2 mile hike, we ended up parking at the wrong trail head (oops!), taking the Chuck Wagon trail (the long way) and made it into a longer 6 mile trek.  With an almost 80-degree day in February, we couldn’t really complain about the extra exercise though.


Red sandstone formations along the way


About 3/4 of the way to the top to see the bridge


Just preparing Shrimpette for the adventures to come!


Look at this amazing rock color. It’s *this* orange, I promise!

The hike to Devil’s Bridge really isn’t that difficult.  The last part up to the bridge is a bit of a steep climb and has some uneven steps, but it’s not steep enough to deter the masses of tourists.  :)  I think the musts of this hike are – don’t go alone (because who would take your photo on the bridge?), go earlier than we did (start at 8 or 9am to avoid the crowds) and make sure you know where the trail head is if you don’t want to turn a 2 miler into a 6 miler.  The bridge itself looks kind of scary from the photo, but it’s a bit deceiving. At it’s skinniest, the formation is probably 8 feet wide and it stands about 50-60 feet high. We ended up with a pretty good shot of us on top, but Bobby had to ask some Romanian college students several times if they could move out of the way.  It was well worth it in the end!


Standing on Devil’s Bridge