Back to Blogging – A Four Month Recap!

Since moving back to the States in late September, I’ve been taking a blogging hiatus.  It wasn’t really planned, but I think I was traveled out and just decided to spend time with family and friends for a while.  After three and a half years of living in Italy, we were really excited to be able to catch up with everyone – from Seattle, to Texas, to Kentucky, to Arizona and beyond.  It’s been a fun ride and while Bobby prepares to leave again (for Korea this time!), I figured I’d look back at our last few months in the motherland…. [Read More]

And the Olmsted Adventure Begins!

Olmsted Scholar Class of 2012

Last weekend, Bobby and I started our Olmsted experience by attending the annual Olmsted Scholar Reunion and Orientation, held in Washington D.C. We flew in from Salt Lake City on Friday afternoon in preparation for the kick-off event on Friday evening.  We had the pleasure of meeting the other scholars of the Olmsted Scholar Class of 2012, with representatives from each branch of the United States military.  … [Read More]