I Had Turkey Too!

Bobby told me a story about one of his first experiences as a commissioned officer after graduating from the Air Force Academy.  After coming back from Thanksgiving break to an introductory course for all lieutenants, he had a conversation with another young lieutenant.  It went something like this:

Lieutenant: “So did you have fun over break?”

Bobby: “Yeah, I spent some time with family.  I ate too much, watched some football, etc.”

Lieutenant: “What’d you have to eat?!?”

Bobby: “You know, the usual….turkey, po…<interrupted>.”

Lieutenant: “Oh my gosh! I had toy-key (turkey) tooo!”

Bobby told me he was thinking, “wow we both ate turkey on Thanksgiving!”  So now, anytime the word “turkey” comes up, Bobby says “I had toy-key toooo!”  I think this may only be funny to us.  Anyway….

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