Dodecanese Islands – Part 1

For our anniversary in April, I gifted Bobby a trip to northern Italy to hike the via ferrata, or “iron road,” something that he’s always wanted to do.  We were all set to go during the third week of June.  However, while watching the Giro d’Italia on TV, we saw some legs of the race in the region and we were discouraged by the piles (we’re talking 4-5 feet) of unseasonal snow on the ground. We begrudgingly canceled our trip and were trying to find a warmer vacation to satisfy our desire to hit the road when we received a great offer.  Our Italian friends Tatiana and Francesco invited us to join them on a seven-day sailing trip in the Dodecanese islands.  We couldn’t have been more excited, and quickly agreed.   The Dodecanese are a group of twelve large (plus more than 150 small) Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, of which 26 are inhabited.  With some suggestions from Tatiana and Francesco’s friends as well as our captain, we decided on a six island route.  From Rhodes, the port of departure, we sailed to Symi, Nisyros, Tilos, Chalki, Alimia, and even took a pit stop in Turkey during the second leg of the trip for a quick dip.

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I Had Turkey Too!


Bobby told me a story about one of his first experiences as a commissioned officer after graduating from the Air Force Academy.  After coming back from Thanksgiving break to an introductory course for all lieutenants, he had a conversation with another young lieutenant.  It went something like this:

Lieutenant: “So did you have fun over break?”

Bobby: “Yeah, I spent some time with family.  I ate too much, watched some football, etc.”

Lieutenant: “What’d you have to eat?!?”

Bobby: “You know, the usual….turkey, po…<interrupted>.”

Lieutenant: “Oh my gosh! I had toy-key (turkey) tooo!”

Bobby told me he was thinking, “wow we both ate turkey on Thanksgiving!”  So now, anytime the word “turkey” comes up, Bobby says “I had toy-key toooo!”  I think this may only be funny to us.  Anyway….

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