Stockholm, Sweden – The Vasa Museum

I think our good weather streak ran out by the time we reached Stockholm, the next leg on our Scandinavian adventure.  For our entire stay, it drizzled or poured rain, so we spent most of our time exploring the Vasa Museum (although we did take a quick jaunt through “Old Town”).  The Vasa Museum is the home to Vasa, an enormous viking ship that sank on her maiden voyage.  The ship was built in Stockholm in 1626 and set sail for the first time in 1628.  However, after only 1300 meters, Vasa tipped over, took on water, and sank in Stockholm’s harbor.  Attempts to raise the ship soon afterwards were fruitless.  In 1961, Sweden’s Navy, the National Maritime Museum, and a salvage company banned together to bring Vasa to the surface, some 333 years after it first sank.  The Navy moved the ship to its current location (in the museum) in 1988 and the Vasa Museum opened two years later.
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