Becoming Spanish Conquistadors – Barcelona, Spain

Shortly after meeting each other way back when (ha!), I learned that Barcelona is Bobby’s favorite city in the world (well, at least so far).  For our anniversary this year, I planned a week long trip to Spain so that we could experience the country together.  I figured that since he had been there several times before, he would be the perfect tour guide!  A day before flying out, Iberia Airlines sent us a message telling us our flight had been cancelled and we could either a) fly out the next day or b) get a full refund.  Ugh. We took the refund.  Our 7-day Spanish trip quickly turned into a 14-day excursion when we simultaneously declared “let’s road trip!”  We are determined to become Spanish conquistadors, seeing 8 cities in 2 weeks and logging 3,100 miles/50 hours in the car.  Yikes!  First stop – Barcelona!

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