CNN’s 50 Beautiful Places to Visit in Korea

While doing some research on places to visit while we’re in Korea, I came across an ex-pat’s blog that proved to be very helpful.  She listed the sources she used to find travel ideas, one of which being CNN’s 50 Beautiful Places to Visit in Korea.  I’m always intrigued by lists, as they generally provide a clear cut “check-list” of things to see and do and it’s easy to keep track of what you have seen and what you haven’t.  I must admit that my Korean geography is pretty sketchy, so I had to look up most of the locations to see how far they are from Kunsan AFB. Of course, I learned a lot along the way, which is always nice.  I found three places on the list that are within a two-hour radius, a “must” if Bobby doesn’t want to take leave / ask permission to be gone.  So, we started there.  The three places seemed to be pretty close to each other, so we set off early in hopes to see all of them on one Sunday afternoon…. [Read More]