Exploring Slovenia: Bled & Vintgar Gorge

For months, our friends and fellow Olmsted-ers have been telling us that we MUST go to Lake Bled.  Located in the Julian Alps about 30 minutes north of Ljubljana, the lake is stunning.  Bobby has been trying to convince me to move back or at least have a house in Europe when he retires for awhile now.  I hadn’t considered the idea seriously until I saw Lake Bled.  Spontaneously, I told him two or three times that I could live there; it’s that pretty. It is known for its island in the middle of the water that holds a beautiful church as well as a large cliff-side castle watching over the lake.  The town of Bled was a popular vacation spot for Yugoslavian rulers in the 1920s (when the area was still a part of Yugoslavian territory) and continues to be a popular Eastern European year-round tourist destination.  Our day at Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge (about 15 minutes away from the lake side) proved to be a wonderful autumn day!

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