Warsaw Uprising

Unlike Krakow, Warsaw was not occupied by the Nazis with the intent of turning it into a German state.  Instead, 84% of the city was destroyed by German and Russian bombing raids, heavy artillery fire, and planned demolition campaigns during the course of World War II.  Approximately 1,150 sorties were flown by a wide variety of aircraft over the skies of Warsaw, effectively cutting the city off at the knees.  After the conclusion of the bombing campaigns, German troops planned to take over Warsaw, but they were met with resistance from the Polish Army.  Dubbed the “Warsaw Uprising”, the Home Army consisted of anywhere between 20,000 and 49,000 soldiers.  This constituted the largest single military effort taken by any European resistance movement of World War II.  Unfortunately, they received little help from the Allied Forces due to the fact they were surrounded by both German and Russian forces.  American and British planes did drop relief packages with arms, food, and warm clothing to try and help, but unfortunately, they were eventually put down.  Those that could, escaped, while tens of thousands of their fellow citizens perished under a ruthless Nazi campaign of reprisal.  … [Read More]