Hardangerfjord Hiking – Odda, Norway

Near the Hardangerfjord area, on the western coast of Norway, there are some drop-dead gorgeous, awe-inspiring, can-we-stay-here-for-ever views.  People come from all around the world to see the fjords and partake in many of the outdoor activities that the region offers: hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing, and even base-jumping.  For the first part of our fjord experience, we decided to stay in the small town of Odda, which sits at the mouth of one of the fingers of the Hardangerfjord.  Odda serves as a great base if you want to hike one of the most famous routes in all of Norway, the 22 km (some say it’s more like 25 km) route to Trolltunga.  You can also make your way up to the Buer glacier from Odda.  Because visiting the fjords of Norway is a once in a lifetime opportunity (according to us), we decided it was necessary to do both treks…. [Read More]