Lysefjord Hiking – Lysebotn, Norway

For the second half of our journey in the fjords of Norway, we spent our time in Lysebotn.  A small town that sits at the mouth of the Lysefjord, Lysebotn is surrounded by 3,000+ foot cliffs.  In some parts of the fjord, the water is as deep as the mountains are high.  That is crazy.  I’m guessing it may be a little too cold to swim?  Of course, with its mountains comes some spectacular hiking.  Two of the three most famous hikes in Norway – Kjeragbolten and Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) – are situated in the areas surrounding Lysefjord.  (The third popular route, Trolltunga, is near Odda, Norway, which we already completed.) We dared to climb the Kjerag Mountain and stand on the Kjeragbolten, a boulder that is wedged between two cliffs.  Unfortunately for us, there wasn’t a good route to get from Lysebotn to hike Pulpit Rock (it would have taken us over 3 hours of driving each way), so we’ll have to settle for two out of the “big three.”  … [Read More]