The British Invasion (….in Malta)

I can’t believe we’ve made it to Malta.  Finishing up this trip means that we only have one small jaunt left before we move back to the States.  It’s really starting to sink in.  Malta is a small island a hop, skip, and a jump away from Italy, sitting just south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea.  As the title of this blog suggests, it is crawling with Brits, which I don’t mind because it means I’m not the whitest person by the pool.  :)  In all seriousness, though, the people of Malta are the best English speakers I have heard outside of an English-speaking country.  (They speak Italian pretty well too!) I guess it’s probably because they didn’t gain independence from the UK until 1964 and as one of the hotel’s waitresses put it, it’s mandatory to learn the language in school.  (I might add that it’s mandatory to learn a lot of things in school, but Malta must really take the English-learnin’ seriously.)… [Read More]