Saturday evening, Bobby and I took a short road trip up to Verona to see Aida, one of the shows in the Verona Summer Opera Series.  Thankfully, a few months ago, Trysta and Joe Wall (OSC ’12, Freiburg, Germany) reminded us of this wonderful series and we met them in Verona for the spectacle.  The opera takes place in Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheater built in AD 30.  At that time, it was able to hold almost 30,000 spectators and now, due to safety reasons, the opera limits the crowd to 15,000.  It is an absolutely beautiful venue and the acoustics are absolutely amazing; the entire opera series is performed without microphones or amplification.  In our earlier trip to Verona in April, we were able to see the arena, but it truly takes on a new life with the opera series.  … [Read More]

Cities of Water – Sirmione & Verona

Locks of love in Juliet's gardens

For the past week, we have been visiting towns big and small, but all have one thing in common – water.  Bobby and I both love any landscape with water. (He grew up by it – in Seattle – so he knows what he’s missing and I didn’t grow up by water, so I always want a seaside/lakeside vacation.)  Although it’s not quite warm enough to enjoy the water yet, we decided we’d try to beat the tourist season and see a few very beautiful towns.  If the towns are so incredible that they warrant a return, we will do so voluntarily in the summer! :) … [Read More]