Biennale d’Arte 2013 (and more Family Travels!)

We continued our week of family site-seeing with a walking tour of our “hometown” Florence and then a drive to the tiny town of Agello, Italy, where Terri once lived with the kids.  The weather didn’t really cooperate, so we decided to seek refuge in Montalcino, where we enjoyed some Brunello wine tasting.  We capped off the week by heading to the Venice Biennale once again (see here for last year’s Biennale for architecture), but this time we took in the art exhibition.  We had a wonderful time seeing Italy together.  It was Terri and Daisy’s first time back to Italy in over 30 years, and Ruby’s first time ever!

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Venice Biennale d’Arte

Pretty cool light

For the first time since Bobby and I got married, all of my college girlfriends got together for a mini-vacation!  My friend Lindsey found out that the office she works for, Studio Gang Architects, got accepted into the Venice Biennale a couple months ago.  She was selected to head the exhibit’s model design/construction for her office, so she also got to accompany her bosses to Venice for the show.  Luckily, she decided to take some much-deserved vacation after the exhibition to see Italy.  My friend Anna and her husband Scott were already planning an Italian vacation and it just happened to be at the same time as the Biennale!  Additionally our other architecture friend Caroline decided to join us for a complete UT Architecture reunion!  Although Caroline hasn’t made it to Italy quite yet, Bobby, Anna, Scott, Lindsey and I attended the Venice Biennale for a private tour before it opened to the public.

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Cities of Water – Venice & Trieste

Grand Canal, Venice

The second part of our journey started off in the most famous Italian water city – Venice.  Then, we made our way to the far east edges of Italy to the city of Trieste.  Unfortunately, the weather turned nasty and our last few days were filled with raindrops and thick fog.  Nevertheless, we tried to make the most of it, even after a couple of (almost) disastrous hotel stays.

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