Touring Torino

We spent two days in Torino (Turin) and we could have stayed a few more because there is a lot to see.  In 1861, the town was named Italy’s first capital city and although most of its political importance has been lost since WWII, it still serves as one of Italy’s major industrial cities, along with Genova and Milano.  Because it is a principle European crossroad for trade and commerce, you would think that Torino lacks some of the finer cultural highlights.  This would be a false presumption.  The city has a rich culture and history and is known for its numerous art galleries, top restaurants, beautiful architecture (palaces, opera houses, castles), large piazzas and parks, world-renowned theaters, and many, many museums. With near one-million inhabitants in the city limits, Torino feels much larger than a lot of Italy’s other “cities.”

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