Up, Up, and Away!

I am a sucker for hot-air balloons.  Every time I see one floating in the sky, I think of the wonderful movie “Up” and think of what a magical experience it would be to float over the world below in a colorful balloon.  In Italian, hot-air balloons are called “mongolfiere”, a funny (but I think fitting) name for something that engulfs the sky.  Yesterday, Bobby and I drove down to Todi, a small medieval town perched on a hill in the Umbria region, to witness the 24th annual “Gran Premio Italiano Mongolfieristico”, or the Italian International Hot-Air Balloon Grand Prix.  26 competitors from all over Europe come together each year to race hot-air balloons.  (I didn’t even knew there were competitions for balloons to tell you the truth).  The competition/festival usually lasts 2 weeks and the balloons launch each morning at 6:30am.  Also, on one night each year, some of the competitors bring their balloons to the main sights around Todi to light up the city.  This is the spectacle that we thoroughly enjoyed seeing!

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