The Beaches of Gargano

This summer, we set out to visit some of the “less traveled” areas of Italy, including both the Molise and Abruzzo regions.  However, we started out in Puglia, known for its long coast line, beautiful beaches, and sunny disposition.  While most people visit the “heel” of Italy (like we did last year), we stuck to the lesser known “spur” area of Puglia.  Home to the Gargano National Park, the spur is a virtually untouched area with the best beaches we have ever been to in Italy.  The two largest towns, which aren’t very large by most standards, are Vieste and Peschici, both of which are summer havens for Italians, Germans, and Austrians.  How can you go wrong when the sand feels like flour and the water is almost bath water? … [Read More]