Monza Formula 1 Race

For our anniversary this year, I thought it would be nice to do something a little different.  After thinking of several different options, I figured gifting Bobby some Formula 1 tickets was a good idea.  Speed and cars can never go wrong with boys, right?  That was back in March and we finally got to use the anniversary present last weekend!  We stayed in Bergamo, a town outside of Milan/Monza, because all of the hotels in Milan were booked and this decision turned out to be a great idea.  While everyone had to vie for the trains to and from Milan to the track in Monza, we took the road/train less traveled to and from Bergamo. While I don’t usually love graffiti, especially in Italy on century-old buidlings, I thought this guy was pretty cute.  We saw him at one of the train stations along the way.

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