Ferraris and ba-lon-ee

Bobby and I were very excited to get invited up to Bologna to spend the day with Lou Frketic (Olmsted Class of 2010) and his wife, Karin.  Because we still don’t have a proper ZTL parking permit, we had to leave our parking garage in Florence (as to not receive a ticket) before 7:30am… on a Saturday. Ouch.  Waking up for the first time before the hour of 7 since nursing school was hard for me. Haha.  Before meeting up with the Frketics (we didn’t think it’d be right to show up on their doorstep at 8am, as it’s only an hour drive from Florence to Bologna), Bobby and I decided to check out Modena, Italy and then drive to a small neighboring town called Maranello to visit the Ferrari Museum.  Needless to say, Bobby was excited…. [Read More]