Port of Genoa

Almost two years ago, Bobby and I traveled to Genoa to attend the national soccer match between Italy and the USA.  It was a landmark game because it was the first time the Americans ever beat the Italians.  Last week, we returned to the city, famous for its focaccia bread, pesto, and enormous port, to take in several seaside attractions: the Galata Maritime Museum, Genoa’s Aquarium, and a galleon ship called “Neptune”.  Of course, we made a pit stop on the way to the port to eat some “focaccia Genovese;” I had the standard butter and salted version (you can’t ruin a classic) and Bobby chose the pesto.  Neither disappointed!… [Read More]

Making History – USA beats Italy National Soccer Team!

And the USA wins!

For the last few days, Bobby and I have had house guests, Mark and Marla, from Seattle.  Bobby went to high school with Mark, so I was excited to meet the couple and spend some time showing them around Florence.  I don’t know how they knew me so well, but they came bearing the best gift I could ever ask for – a dozen doughnuts from Top Pot Doughnuts (one of best doughnut places in all of the US in my opinion!)  Marla hand carried the delicious treats on the plane from Seattle to London and then on to Florence.  Bobby and I ate 3 each the very first night.  Yep, that’s right, 3.  And they were to die for…. [Read More]