A very rainy & rather wine-y day in Chianti

While Bobby was plugging away on his PhD, my friends (Lindsey, Caroline, Anna, and Scott) and I embarked on a very important Italian adventure – a wine tour!  As the Chianti wine region is only about 45 minutes south of Florence, we figured that would be a good bet.  The trip did get off on a bad foot (through no fault of our own,) but thankfully it was salvageable.  On the website for the tour, it said to meet near the Firenze SMN station where we would then be picked up by a van to drive us to the Chianti region.  At 4:10pm (the tour was supposed to start at 4), I decided to call the guide to ensure we were in the right place.  Turns out, he thought we had arranged for the tour in the morning (not the afternoon timeslot).  The guide quickly realized his mistake and rebounded by asking us to take a taxi to Porta Romana (about 10 minutes from the station), where we could meet his driver.  We ended up getting to Castellina in Chianti, our first stop, about 45 minutes late and it was pouring rain.  Everyone that knows me well knows that I absolutely despise rain.  However, we were determined to not let our setbacks get us down, and in the end, we had a really great time.

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