Plitvice Lakes National Park

Dobro došli u Hrvatsku!  (Welcome to Croatia!)  So as you can tell, the Croatian language sounds nothing like/looks nothing like English or Italian.  The road signs were thus a little difficult to manage, not to mention the fact that our trusty-go-to-must-have-iPhone-maps were not in our cell phone plan in Croatia.   We ended up using the not-so-trusty Garmin GPS which led us to an unpaved logging route in the rain/thick fog for the longest 12 miles of our lives.  We were pleased we a)  didn’t get stuck in the one of the multiple football field-sized mud ponds/puddles b) didn’t blow a tire bouncing off one of the many submerged rocks and c) didn’t plunge over the non-guardrailed “road” to our deaths.  Our Iphone and Garmin love providing us the “opportunity” to off-road in our VW Golf and thus this wasn’t our first rodeo.  In our first off-roading adventure on an island near Grosseto (in Italy), we were certain that if we ended up destroying the car or going over one of the many precarious cliffs, there would have been someone to help us (or at least see us go over the edge!)  This time, we were in the middle of the rugged Croatian forest, on an abandoned road, with zero cellphone reception or any semblance of civilization.  Despite the “scenic detour,” we managed to arrive at our first destination – Plitvice Lakes National Park.

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