Olmsted Ski Trip – Part 1

Last June, I started planning a ski trip for Bobby’s Olmsted class.  Finally, the time came to set out for beautiful St. Martin, Austria.  We were greeted with a couple of feet of fresh powder and it has been snowing on and off every day since.  Although our first day on the slopes wasn’t ideal (the visibility was pretty poor due to the snow storm), we have since made up for it.  We have had the pleasure of skiing the beautiful runs at Obertauern Ski resort and we took a group snowshoeing trip near our cabin.  Our chalet is a part of a 9-cabin eco-friendly resort and it is a perfect place to spend a winter vacation.  So far, we’ve had a great time spending time with 3 other Olmsteders and their families and we still have several more days to go!

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