Man Trip 2013 – The Balkans

Disclaimer: Bobby is writing this blog and blogging for the first (and probably last time) ever.

Brian Hensarling came up with the genius idea of getting revenge on the wives trip by planning a “man trip”.  Of course we wanted to go somewhere that sounded manly, but was still moderately safe.  Thus, we settled on the Balkans.  Our group consisted of six scholars from five countries – Germany (Neil Senkowski – OSC ’12), Italy (me), Belgium (Brian Hensarling – OSC ’11), Israel (Stew Welch – OSC ’11 and Garrett Moore – OSC ’13), and Bulgaria (Mark Anderson – OSC ’12).  The Balkans are home to thousands of years of fighting and few places can claim more bloodshed in their history.  Throughout the 1990s, ethnic strife and independence movements plunged the region into further conflicts culminating in Kosovo in 1999.  Eager to lay eyes on the battlefields where American forces waged not one, but two wars in recent history, we set off…. [Read More]