Picture-perfect Santorini

After site-seeing in Athens for three days, we hopped down to the Greek island of Santorini.  Santorini is most famous for its white buildings perched on cliffs and blue-domed churches.  Many of our friends have traveled here before, so we had lots of information to go on.  However, we decided to stay out of the main cities (Fira and Oia) and relax at a very tranquil oasis called the Aenaon Villas.  We were incredibly happy we made this choice, as there weren’t a lot of tourists around and the view was outstanding.  We took several days to relax (well, I read several leisurely books and Bobby read lots of articles for his thesis), and then chose to partake in 2 different day activities that I hadn’t done before — sailing on a catamaran and scuba diving. 

Because we spent a few days relaxing by the pool, I had to take some photos of our surroundings.  The stark white villas against the blue Greek sky was something out of a picture book.  The villas are situated on the skinniest part of the island, so we actually had views of the water from both sides!  The owners of the villas, George and Alexandra, took great care of us, giving us recommendations of activities and restaurants along the way.  We met a very nice couple from South Carolina during our stay, saw a couple shoot their wedding photos on the villa grounds, and even saw a B-team player for Real Madrid (he was another guest at the hotel).  All and all, it was an amazing stay.

Our hotel – Aenaon Villas at sunset

Relaxing by the pool

The beautiful villas

Braving the chilly water

The sea view

Sunset (that’s the other side of the water in the distance!)

Sunset from the terrazza

We did go site-seeing in Oia, the city on the northern-most tip of Santorini, for a couple of hours.  We were supposed to stay for dinner, but there were too many people.  So, we headed back to our hotel and had a traditional Greek pastry instead :)  The hilltop town does have the most stunning views of the sunset on the whole island though.

Oia, Santorini street

Oia, Santorini

Oia, Santorini

Oia, Santorini

One of the many churches of Santorini

Oia windmill

Traditional dessert with flaky crust and custard cream

On our third day in Santorini, we chose to take a catamaran cruise.  The cruise took off from Ammoudi Bay, below the town of Oia, sailed to the south end of the island, stopped at both the Red and White Beaches, pit-stopped at the volcanic hot springs in the bay, and returned to Ammoudi Bay for the sunset.  The ride was complete with a BBQ’d dinner, swimming, and lots of crazy singing Spainards!

Our catamaran for the day

Ammoudi Bay, our point of departure

Our catamaran for the day….she was a 70-footer!

Oia and the Bay of Ammoudi as we depart

The catamaran nets

Relaxing on the nets

Enjoying the ride

The catamaran

One of the hilltop towns on Santorini – view from the catamaran

Enjoying the view

At the first stop, near the White Beach, I hopped in the water.  It was a lot colder than I expected.

It was quite chilly!

At the second stop, the Red Beach, Bobby took a dive and snorkeled for a bit.  The crew members fired up the BBQ and served us pork chops, Greek salad, pasta, and cinnamon apples for dessert.

Red Beach, Santorini

Red Beach (with black sand)

To jump or not to jump….

He jumped!

The crew BBQing our dinner

On the way back to Ammoudi Bay to watch the sunset, the crew put up the sails.  It made the catamaran much more beautiful.

Putting the sails up at the end of the day

Beautiful sails

And the sunset was absolutely phenomenal!

Getting ready for the show…..

Beautiful sunset

It’s getting lower…

…and lower

…and lower

And it’s gone….

On our last full day in Santorini, Bobby made us reservations to go to scuba diving school.  I must admit, it made me a little nervous.  I’m a pretty good swimmer and I’m not afraid of the ocean, but I guess it is something about being held down underwater by weights.  However, it was better than I thought.  We went a whole 22 feet underwater, fed fish with bread, and saw a baby octopus.

Caldera Bay – home of the dive school

The dive center + our gear

The dive school boat (for the more advanced people…)

My pretty hot wet suit (Ha!)


  1. tonya evans says:

    Every time a read a new blog I think it can’t get any better. I am so happy for you and Bobby and all your awesome adventures together. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful place or a happier couple.

  2. Insanely jealous. I think this may be my favorite so far – Maybe, at least until the next post.

  3. Jenica Christopherson says:

    This place is AMAZING! I feel like when I read your blog I am watching an episode of “The Bachelor”, minus all the single people 😉 You guys have been given such an amazing opportunity and I can tell you are living it to the fullest! Thanks for the updates.