Back to Blogging – A Four Month Recap!

Since moving back to the States in late September, I’ve been taking a blogging hiatus.  It wasn’t really planned, but I think I was traveled out and just decided to spend time with family and friends for a while.  After three and a half years of living in Italy, we were really excited to be able to catch up with everyone – from Seattle, to Texas, to Kentucky, to Arizona and beyond.  It’s been a fun ride and while Bobby prepares to leave again (for Korea this time!), I figured I’d look back at our last few months in the motherland.

In late September, we rushed back to the States so Bobby could be in the wedding party of one of his best childhood friends, Ian.  We were lucky enough to spend a little time with Ian and his wife Krystal in Italy, but it was nice to see them in their own atmosphere.  Bobby was thrilled to be back in his hometown and see lots of his best guy friends as well.  Ian and Krystal had a hell of a backyard wedding, complete with food trucks, late-night dancing and most importantly, a beautiful ceremony.


Bobby and his friends Tony (left) and Nick (middle).


Enjoying the wedding festivities.  Bobby played this little pink guitar walking down the aisle.  Isn’t he precious? :)


The wedding party, a la Desperate Housewives.


Oh, and I guess I should add that we also bought a house while in Seattle.  I’ll be living in West Seattle while Bobby is off to Kunsan AFB.  We’re really excited about having an anchor base now, where we plan to return after B retires.

Street view - yes, it even has a picket fence!

Street view – yes, it even has a picket fence!

Living Room - this was the existing furniture. I'll post updates when we move in.

Living Room – this was the existing furniture. I’ll post updates when we move in.

Backyard patio / play house

Backyard patio / play house

This is a view from Alki Beach of downtown Seattle.  We live about 4 minutes away from Alki by car and could walk there in about 20 minutes.  I’m really excited about living so close to this spectacular view, even if it’s for a short period of time.


We had the opportunity to celebrate Bobby’s aunt Rory’s birthday while in Seattle as well.  As you can tell, it was a pretty good time.


Next up, we traveled down to Austin, Texas to visit Bobby’s mom and take in a football game at my alma mater (Hook ’em!) .  We spent a lot of time taking in the awesome fall weather and eating at my favorite Tex Mex joints.  After 3+ years without any good Mexican food, I had quite the hankering.


A campus visit wouldn’t be complete without swinging by the building where I spent almost my entire college existence. It wasn’t *all* bad.  I certainly had a good time at UT and if it weren’t for the School of Architecture, I wouldn’t have some of my best girlfriends today.


Terri, Bobby’s mom, took us out to Hamilton Pool and I can’t believe that in the five years I lived in Austin, I had never made it there.  It’s definitely a cool natural wonder, although at the time, it was full of bacteria and we couldn’t swim. :(


My MIL practicing her ballet moves at Hamilton Pool:


By late October, we made it to Kentucky, where my parents live.  I got to see one of my best childhood friends, Allie, and her sisters and the kids.  It happened to be Halloween, so naturally, I got some pretty adorable kiddo shots.

This is the entire “Mockingbird Gang” as I call them (aka the kids that live on the street I grew up on).


Allie’s sister Mandy deserves “Mom of the Year” for this awesome make-up job and costume.


My friend Allie, her fiance’ (soon to be husband) Ronnie and their two little ones:


In early November, my parents, Bobby and I took a trip to Washington D.C., stopping at Washington and Lee University, where Robert E. Lee is buried.  This is his final resting place, in the chapel on campus.


We explored our nation’s capitol and visited the Holocaust Museum for the first time.  After visiting Dachau and Auschwitz, we thought we’d seen it all.  While some of the exhibits were the same or similar, it was still sobering.  We had the honor of meeting a women who had survived Auschwitz and was at the museum speaking about her experience.  We walked along the National Mall, took in a Changing of the Guard ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, visited the National Air and Space Museum, saw the White House and got to see one of my best friends from my college days at UT.  Caroline and her boyfriend Ryan live in D.C. and we were happy we got to meet up for dinner.


Mom and Dad at the White House:


This is my friend Caroline and I at dinner.  I miss this girl, but I am thankful I get to see her soon in Seattle :)


My parents, Bobby and I continued up the east coast and visited the Big Apple.  It was the first time I’d been there since 2001, shortly before the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  I was in awe of the new memorial site and museum at Ground Zero.  Of course, we ate some New York Style pizza, visited Time Square and stopped by Grand Central Station as well.


We went to see the Lion King on Broadway while we were in NYC.  Bobby and I saw it for our anniversary in London, but it was so good, we really wanted my parents to see it as well.  The second time did not disappoint.


After six weeks of traveling, it was time for Bobby to get back to work, so we headed to Arizona, where he completed retraining in his aircraft.  Luckily, we are in Arizona for the winter, where it’s sunny and 60-80 degrees every day.  While Bobby focused on work, I finished up a web development boot camp.

We had the opportunity to return to Seattle for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  At Thanksgiving, we finished up the details for buying the house and had a wonderful dinner with Bobby’s friend Ian and his family.  For Christmas, some of Bobby’s family got together at his Aunt Rory’s house.  His sister Eva, her husband Geremia and baby Isabella came in from Italy, Rose and her husband Davey traveled in from Los Angeles and other family members from Seattle joined up for several days of fun and LOTS of eating.

Baby Isabella taking a selfie (she included me):

20Bobby and brother-in-law Davey:


Partial group shot on Christmas Day:


Playing “Cards Against Humanity”…hahaha. What a lovely Christmas game :)


At New Years, we FINALLY got to meet our nephew Danny (son of B’s brother James and his wife Heather).  He is probably the sweetest toddler I have ever met.  We traveled up to Heather’s parents’ house just north of Phoenix and had an awesome relaxing long weekend.

Reading a book to baby Danny. Books are his favorite, just like his Aunt C!


Danny thoroughly enjoyed the park and especially the big boy slide.


Uncle Bobby’s turn for story time:


Mama Heather and Batman Danny:


In January, my parents wanted to escape the really cold weather in Kentucky, so they drove (yes, drove!) out to Phoenix to see Bobby and I for a while.  Bobby was pretty bogged down with work, so my parents and I did some hiking in the White Tanks and just relaxed in the really nice weather.  We took a trip up to Vegas for the weekend, as my parents had never been.  I think it’s a place you should go at least once in your life, just to say you’ve been, right?



Lastly, we received the best news (ever!) a few months ago.  We’re having a baby girl in late June/early July, so we’ve been doing some early planning for “Shrimpette” and trying to figure out how to juggle moving to Seattle and Bobby returning from Korea for the little one’s birth.  Stay tuned and wish us luck :)



  1. Linda clark says:

    Love this Carrie. Thank you for sharing. You are a lovely young lady and I look forward to seeing more, especially when the little one arrives. Best of luck and God bless.

  2. Heather McGowan says:

    Your blog is phenomenal! What a gift. It is quite a labor of love.